Keynote Speaker- Barbara Bray

Barbara Bray, @bbray27, is a creative learning strategist, co-founder of Personalize Learning, LLC, co-author of How to Personalize Learning (released October 18, 2016) and Make Learning Personal (2014), blogs at Rethinking Learning, and is also founder/owner of My eCoach, division of Computer Strategies, LLC.

Barbara works with schools, districts, individuals, businesses, and non-profit agencies around the world. She believes that anyone at any age can learn and develop agency so they become self-directed, independent learners. She assists large and small organizations to transform teaching and learning through action research, project-based learning, the design thinking process, flexible learner-centered environments and redesign of teaching practice. In fact, she loves the challenge of designing new learning spaces and working closely with architects.

Barbara guides the design of coaching programs to develop cultures of learning and communities of practice where teachers are ‘partners in learning’ with learners. She created My eCoach for teachers based on a coaching platform so they have the resources, tools, and support they need in a safe online environment.

She enjoys sharing stories of teachers and learners who have challenged the status quo and created innovative experiences and activities for deeper learning.

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